Porter Stansberry: Here’s What
You Need to Know About
Obama’s Coming THIRD Term

Two weeks before the election, renowned investment analyst Porter Stansberry went on the air and made a stunning prediction: “Obama will try to run for a third term.” 
Within hours, the mainstream press – led by one of the four major news networks– attacked Porter personally.
But the one thing they could NOT do was refute Porter’s research, which is based on a simple economic fact.
In short, whether you love Obama or think he’s the devil, Porter has discovered something that 1 in 100 Americans don’t realize about the President… something that helped get him re-elected this year and could ultimately propel him to an unthinkable third term.
This new economic force is surging through the American economy as we speak. As soon as 2015, a specific event will occur that could change everything about how our economy works… making millions of Americans vastly wealthier.
But in the process, it will also make a “false idol” out of Obama… giving him an unprecedented public mandate, which he will use (and abuse) to do the specific things that will make your stomach turn – whether you consider yourself Republican, Democrat or Independent.
Porter has recorded a special eight-minute audio clip to explain some of the details behind why he believes Obama will remain in power through a third term and to warn you about the opportunities and pitfalls you must be prepared for in the months ahead. To listen to this clip, simply enter your email address below. You will be taken to the presentation, and we will immediately send you a copy of the mp3 for you to download
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What You Need to Know About Obama’s THIRD Term 
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